Sunday, June 12, 2011

Talking To The Moon.

Bulan malam tadi macam telur asin..
Kaler oren lak.
No, I wasn't hungry.. I don't even eat telur asin.. Tak tau kenapa.. Just didn't feel like trying it out. Maybe someday..
Macam stinky tofu. I used to say that I'd never eat it; sekali haritu kat Taipei try lak. Hihi.
Just for notes, it tastes quite alright despite the smell.

I'd spent my 3 days off in Johor. Dida had wanted to see her shipment in Pasir Gudang, and while we're at it we wanted to see the so called "Singapore Great Sale".
From a Malaysian view -- it's not really that great.

Maybe it's the currency exchange, but I don't know.. Saving a buck or two just doesn't seem "great" to me.
I did manage to get the things that I'd planned on buying, so the trip wasn't at all disappointing.

Walking around Singapore brought back some memories though. Almaklum lah, ex-boyfriend Singaporean. Unfortunately he's unavailable to meet me. I miss him actually. He's easy to talk to.
But I don't enjoy him asking about my life when I am in an emotional roller coaster. Hahahhaha

Anyway, I need to stay home for my next off days.. Feels like I'm never home! Rumah semua macam rumah tumpangan.. I miss rolling around in my still-new bed! Yes, I consider it new still since I can count the times I've been sleeping in it -- FOUR!
Sadis kan jadi crew? Dah sebulan ada katil baru, tapi cuma empat kali tido kat umah..

Oh well, I'm on the highway back to KL now.. Getting sleepy now I've pictured my bed at home.. waiting ever so patiently.

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