Wednesday, June 01, 2011

Hiatus tak menjadi.

I thought I was going to be on hiatus; trying to figure out ways to sort out the whole scrolling problem when you load this blog on your smartphone.
Turns out it only took a few clicks to have it settled! hahahahha! Thank you Blogger.
And now I only *need* a Blogger app for my Blackberry. (unfortunately Google haven't created one yet. pssh! -- kind of annoying as Wordpress has it.)

Speaking of Wordpress.
I love Wordpress. I swear I would have moved this blog there had I been able to edit the template freely. But no, to have that kind of freedom one would need to upgrade their account with $15 per year. Over! Bukan aku suruh kau buatkan HTML/CSS aku ponn!
But there are some awesome stuff on Wordpress that I wish Blogger has too.. sigh.
I think I will always have that Blogger vs. Wordpress tug of war in my head.

It just hit me that I've had this layout for YEARS! I used to be CRAZY about changing the layout.. and yet I've used this one since 2009!!! In 2005 alone I changed the layout SEVEN FRIGGIN' TIMES!! And one of them looked like this;
HAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHA bangang betul aku ni dulu..

So anyway.. perhaps it's time for me to change the layout..
--When I have the time.
It's going to take days before I could get comfortable with Photoshop, HTML and CSS codes again. Plus my brain needs some rest after trying to figure out some stuff about DNS, FTP and Nameserver yesterday.. pffft!
Feels like I'm getting stupid, honestly.

Alright, I should take a nap or something. Bangalore tonight and then I'll be on leave! Woooohoo!!


Alif Iskandar Tareh said...

Finalllyy gue bisa bacaaa... gigapuddinggggg!

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