Tuesday, April 08, 2003

Am I? Not so sure about that.. maybe I wished to...
Tengah pusing-pusing, main mp3 lama-lama.. teringat la kat menda-menda dulu.. Terdengar la plak lagu My Friends Over You. Adehh.. ape gila dah lama tak denga lagu nihh.. Me and Ana had this conversation about 'which song reminds of what..' So adelaa.. terdenga certain songs, teringat kat sem 1 2 or 3.. Macam-macam sangat laa running thru my head skarang nih..!! Sampai my feelings are blurred by my thoughts. Dah tak tau ape nak rase.. cam numb all over. Macam dah a while camtu.. kenape ekk? Penat sangat kot!
I've been asking myself the same question last night. What am I feeling? Mungkin ke betul.. ape yang Wanie rase skarang ni.. ataupun anxiety semata-mata? Am I ready to move on? Hahhahha!! Rasanye cam tak.. rasa cam maseh nak berada in the middle of this phase. Feels nice to have everyone as friends, kan?

True to myself.. and I'll be true to you~


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