Wednesday, April 02, 2003

*sangat bosan itu last night*
-alpha one to alpha two-
The server was down down dooowwn last night in HB4. God!! It was such a bore!!
Spent the night convincing Fina to let me sleep but she hept kept talking to me about Expression and checks out if I was asleep. By the time we're done, my mood for sleeping was already gone. Cehh.. So I grabbed my trusty pen and paper and started the 'project' me and my friends planned earlier this week. Eheh! Actually I wrote a song last night.. klakar jek! Did it less than an hour, so imagine a reaaaaaally silly song. After writing the 'lyrics' I went up to grab Sheeya's guitar in her room, and managed to get a tune soon afterwards! Ngee~ Then, me and Ana and Fina tried it out.. and somehow my fingers felt like crap. Hurts so bad last night! ..and I played like crap as well..! Blueekkk! Maybe I should stick to the tamborine.. Ehhehe!!
The finals has been.. I don't know! Just had our Maths last Monday.. and it was horrible!! ..not going to say more than that. Yesterday, had that Alpha showcase. Huhuuu.. I don't know what to say.. But it was fun taking pictures! Ehhehhee!!
I wonder.. why am I having my kicks from artsy stuff?? Huu.. Gosh! I'm so different from my family..

What would I do.. lonely as you.. *Foo Fighters*


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