Friday, April 04, 2003

*Life is fine*
Really, it is.. though, I admit.. it can get crappy at some points.. but all in all.. it's still fine!
Last night was.. pretty.. umm.. ape ek? Cam, sedikit sebak. Showed Sheeya the vid clip with that song I made. Huhuu.. there were tears.. Ekkeke!! Klakar la gak.. mase tu Sheeya ingatkan tu menda ape.. Coz we switched off the lights and put on some candles.. so after she clicked the movie file, she went away from the screem screen and then she stopped.. When she heard the song, she went "eyh.." and sat on Ana's bed.. Ehheheh! Sebak la jugak.. after the clip, we sang it live to her.. but we all got the wrong lyrics and stuff.. kept stopping every now and then. Oyy, sebak aaa!!!
I didn't study a heck for Graphics! Just listened to my friends talking 'bout some of the topics.. well, then this morning.. honestly! I don't think the paper's that hard.. I mean, I don't know much of it.. so, why should i think it's hard?? Ekekke.. well, I have a weird way of thinking anyways!
Well.. err.. okaaay, I'm feeling a bit shaky right now.. tak tau nape.. since the last hour.. Macam nak kene makan je nihh.. Ekkekek!!

Your heart is playing tricks**


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