Wednesday, April 30, 2003

Sorry for yesterday's post.. uhuu.. tak manis sungguh! ekekke!! I'm all cooled down, now.
Actually I was pissed off with my mom's office's server yesterday, tu yang kuar segala yang tak baik tuh.. but right now dah okay sangat! Finally got to register some of my subjects.. ade sedikit problem though.. MCP ngan TDB nyer jadual agak tulul.. but biar ajelaa kot! Takleh register kali ni, try laie lain kali!
Anyways.. nak cakap nie.. thru the break, I did missed all my friends! Really looking forward for the next sem. (passed all my subjects! alhamdulillah..) Maka.. Beta lah nantiii!! Weeee~ buang duit~ buang duit~ woo~hoo! ekkeke!
Well, gotta end now. Nak try register balek subject yang bengong bengong tuh...

Take care peeps!!


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