Tuesday, May 06, 2003

so bored.. can't remember when was the last time i got this bored..!!
sampai tak tau nak tulis ape...

(May 5th) uhuu~ I got tears in my eyes.. why? My elbow just hit my mom's sewing machine.. It hurts so badly!!!
Today's the first day back.. though I managed to upload my files on Tripod, I still haven't got the time to actually complete it. Nak tulis blog pon tak sempat! Hehh~ The first day was not so bad. Kinda exciting, to be honest! I mean, I get to see some of my friends.. though, sempat buat something yang agak pelik.. humm.. Memalukan jek! Ever felt like your bodyparts didn't do what you expect it to do? Hummph! Memalukan.. benci!! Well, not another accident.. just that my voice projected in a rather weird tone.. Cam pompuan gatal, to be truth! AHHAHAH!!! Ingat nak bercakap cam biase je.. skali terklua slow semacam.. I HATE!! ekkeke!! Other than that, my day was perfectly normal!
Wish me luck~ esok nak try carik ways to blog.. ehhe!! Nak tanye orang, takut tak paham-paham gak bile di-explain nanti.. hee~ 2020


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