Wednesday, May 28, 2003

Missing and lost..
What would you do, if you're stuck with someone you.. pretty much dispise (betul ke eja?) and there's no way to run?? AHHAHA!! I guess it's not right to admit this, but I always seem to avoid that from happening.. I mean, I avoid from getting stuck-lah! But I guess, getting stuck in that situation with someone else you absolutely care about is not so bad after all, ek? heehee~
I am so so SOOOOOOOO tired!! I was practically out the whole night! Teman Alitt gi Mid-Valley, he's looking for a new wallet. There was Alitt, myself, Ana, BJ, Sheeya and Azura.. it was a pretty nice walk, but so SOOOO tiring!!!
I am so pooped out, I think I'll be going into my bed to get some shut-eye. Tak larat nak mandi pon ni haa~ gi kencing okay la kot! AHHAHAHA!!



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