Wednesday, May 21, 2003

Haa~ just finished all my classes. Authoring was canceled, which left me the whole afternoon to get my things into my room. Naseb baik tak banyak barang! Kalau tak, mau patah pinggang! Getting my monitor up the steps was HORRIBLE!! Imagine.. we were from Ana's room (block B, ground floor, HB4) and we had to carry that... thing up to my room! (block A, 2nd floor, HB3) Huwarrghh!! Good thing there were Ana and BJ to help me carry it! AAaaaAaaaaa~!! Korang memang beshh!! Was soooooooo tired from carrying the computer.. Malang sungguh takde tenaga lelaki yang boleh membantu.. mmph! ampehh!
Modelling went pretty okay.. the designer said I have style.. but I need to improve my posture! AHHAHA!! Ape Wanie ngarut?? Hurts my neck.. the monitor was so high.. Sakit btol tengkuk.. I HATE!


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