Wednesday, May 28, 2003

Hadoi seksanyerrrr!!
This is one of the worst nights I ever had this trimester in MMU! I am like.. so *demm* tired, but SO stubborn to go to sleep! Bengap~! I still feel such tireness even after I forced myself to go into the shower!
Having loaaaaaads of self-triggered problem these days. But adelaa gak yang I have absolutely no control over.. bluerghh! For example.. the 'medical' problem I'm having these days.. my back hurts like h* for three reasons!! Stress, tireness, and.. some.. stupid thing lah~! Shiot jek!
Gosh, dahlaa gigi belakang ni makin tumbuh.. sikit-sikit makan, tergigit gusi! SAKITLAAA!! Seksa sungguh~
And I'm really tired right now.. Gi tido la Wanie!! Bengong~!!

nak dia~! ekkeke! *bleep*


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