Thursday, May 29, 2003

!gnirob *mmed* os si sihT
Huwarghh! I don't know for how long I slept this afternoon.. Could be 3-4 hours. Why? Because I have nothing else to do!! I was so bored! And there's that dizziness in my head.. elok beno lah~! Bluerghh! Nothing much appeals to me anymore.. boredboredboredboredbored!!
I can remember all the things I did, this whole day! Waking up, messaged Ana, shower, went to her room, shared 'fresh orange gelas besa - ice blended'! with her while we're at HB4, saw Ahmadsyah, shook Firdaus' hands, chatting to Fariz, and BJ, talked to Ablen, got stupid files from Fina, putting up messages on Shahnon's tagboard about his site's ads, and on Kaoru's about Squirt of Finding Nemo, and.. sleep! Bluerghh! Buhsan nyer la idup skang nih~ Esyyyk!
Haven't thought of anything for my assignments! Going into the dark room tomorrow morning.. not quite sure what I'll be doing.. and Modelling assignment.. Humph! Dued on next Wednesday! Aduhaaaai~!! Dah tak sronok bile ade asenmen, dah.. ekekkee!
Kak Mai gave me an advice just now.. Quite interesting, I must say.. "Carik la pakwe cepat-cepat.. boleh kuar hari-hari cam kawan Wanie tuu~" Wohh~!! Bagoss nyer pesanan! Iyolah, akan dipertimbangkan, nanti.. Tapi takkan nak pakwe sebab nak kuar ari-ari? Tak baaaiiiiik.. heehee~!
Kazaa don't disappoint me noW!! I'm REALLY waiting for these two songs to get downloaded; Good Charlotte's Wondering (it sounds cute~) and Weezer's The Fall.. interesting line for the chorus, "I fell for you, I fell for you, I fell for you and now I'm falling apart~" ekkeke!

klakarnye majuk ngan orang yang tak tahu kite sebenanye majuk ngan dia~ I.D.I.O.T!


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