Thursday, May 29, 2003

Now; Def Leppard

I wanna know you better, let's spend some time together.
I wanna be what's on your mind.
Look in my eyes, they're calling,
I need your love to fall in, if you could just give me a sign.

I can't get over, baby, I can't get over now
I can't get over this feeling I feel now, right now.
If the fire inside you feels like I feel now, right now
deep inside of me

I'm tired of make-believin', I'm lost and barely breathin',
I'm on the ceiling, help me down, yeah
so stop my heart from breaking,
I'll be the risk you're taking, and I won't rest until you're mine

oh, I wanna show you, baby, I wanna show you now
I wanna tell you, this feeling I feel now, right now
if the fire inside you feels like I feel now, right now
if it's love you're craving, it's a love worth saving

I can't get over, this feeling I feel now, yeah...

Now, right now
Let the fire inside you burn like I do, now, right now
if it's love you're craving, it's a love worth saving

Gosh, I love this song! Eyh, does anyone have it in mp3?? 'Coz I have it in Real file.. tersilap copy.. Geram sungguh! Takleh pasang kat Winamp! So jarang-jarang je pasang, sebab malas nak bukak Real Player.. Listen to this if you haven't! It's really neat! I really like these sort of songs.. Sweet lyrics, with rough music. Macam kalau suka orang tu, saje tak nak make it too obvious. Nyehnyehh~ Unlike Dida, she doesn't like these sorts.. Love songs should be slow.. ekk? Bluerghh! Boring~! Anyways, GET THIS SONG!!
Heehee~ Poor Shahnon.. takde letrik kat HB1 ye bang? Ekkekke!
Haa.. Dar plak mengade! Ajak Ablen hang out.. sesamer.. tapi dia kate dia tak dijemput lak! Ketuk karaaaang!
Aaaand.. thanks Fariz, nanti orang donlod lah smer yang direkomenkan tu.. kalau berkesempatan. Sakit ati ngan connection Kazaa yang lembab!
Ana's out with Jai, so I'm right here.. blocking my dizziness to stay in front of my computer.. Tried sleeping, but I can't seem to let my mind rest! GrrRrRR!
Oh! And how can I forget to mention that I met Ahmadsyah with his girlfriend Nur Firdaus?? AHHAHAH!! I think I somehow disturbed them, lah~ Ekkekke! Whoops~
And Fina lak baru ni kasi files yang sungguh buduss sekali! Arrrghhhh!! Geram~!! Tak tertahan nak gelak! Bongok~!!

hadoii~ FRIENDS are SO indisposable!!
senang sungguh hati ni nak terhibur~


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