Monday, April 07, 2003

I've Been Waiting

So I'm waiting by a phone for the blessing ring
Like a holy grail for the fisher king
Time is ticking down like a metronome
Rhythm for my brain, and ceaseless scales
I never seem to play them to the beat I hear
Though my heartbeat is a beat that beats so near

So we had a talk last night about the heavy blow
That you dealt in fright, your back against the wall
It was a puzzle piece, important to the whole
That I may not find to place within that hole
I never seem to put them in the gaps I see
Like a puzzle with the pieces lost you need

So I'm changing who I am
'Cause what I am is not good
And I know you love me now
But I don't see why you should
And I don't see why you should
No, I don't see why you should

So I drift into the air like a moth to light
Down the boulevard to a coffee shop
In the land of song, in the land of waits
My pen is bearing down on this lonely down
I never seem to write them down as good as him
Like I somewhere lost the keys that let me in

Sixpence None The Richer


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