Monday, April 07, 2003

It hurts when you're self decieved
That's what Vroom said in Dumb Like That, and it's true! I think it hurts even more than having someone decieve you.. AHHAHA!! So why am I saying this? Honestly, I don't know.. was I self-decieved? I think not.. but probably self-confusing.. Nyehnyeh~~
Humm.. I think I'll have to get away from Ana a bit lah! Sebab tadi main gita ngan Dar and Ablen kat HB0.. and it got her into 'trouble' with Jai. Am I feeling guilty for it? Maybe.. though I know she made her own choices.. but I hate it when I am somehow related in this relationship stuff. Jealousy really suxX, huh? Tak nak kapeeeeeeeeeell!!! Tapi....? Well, I just hope when my time comes, I'll run into someone who'd really understand.. Ahhahha!! See my un-fairness?? Seems like I'm just going to make that person understand me no matter what. AHHAHA!! Honestly, jealousy can become sweet sometimes.. but I think I've been surrounded by tahap kejelesan yang melampau.. Hisy!! Tak tahan tengok.. so, untuk my friends yang ade kapel.. I salute y'all for going through all that dengan penuh selamat.. Moga korang berkekalan, okie! As long as you guys are happy, lah kan?
Cakap pasal main gita lak.. ekkeke! Maseh agak segan nak main depan orang yang bukan berada dalam bilek. AHAHHA!! Dah.. lain kali takmo dah demo secare live.. takmo takmo takmoo! 3 kali cukup dah..

Occupied~ figuring out what I'm feeling.. heehee*


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