Friday, March 28, 2003

Haven't been posting for so sooo long!! Just send in my journal.. kinda sad, really. Have been getting so attached to it! Been putting the things I didn't really say aloud.. Been putting loads of my thoughts in that book.. Aiyyaaakk!! Why the h* did I do it in a book?!! Kan daaaahh!!
Huhuuu.. so anyways, after seven months, I finally threw something once 'precious' to me.. But since it had no use what so ever to me anymore.. I finally decided to get rid of it! Hahhahah!! And honestly, I don't feel anything about not having it around!! Aaaah~ *taps my own head*
Neways.. been writing too much stuff in my journal, that there's nothing much left to be talked about.. so.. later~

Please erase me from your heart*


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