Wednesday, March 12, 2003

How should I know if fairies flew over him this day..
Woke up pretty late this morning.. maybe 'coz I slept late last night! Just threw my pillow on the floor, and just lay down right at 5 am. Fina tried to wake me up around nine, but I kept on sleeping until eleven something. Hehhehhe!! Then what did I do? Stayed in front of my computer until one something when I finally get my shower and off to Fundamental.
Nothing much really.. but it seems like everyone's still talking about Pangkor! They showed some pictures from Pangkor.. it was fantastic!! Lawa giler! Walked around with Jun this whole afternoon.. Ana was with Azura.. so me and Jun did our work 'til we got bored and later walk around.. Talk about stuff, while staring out the window.. saw a part of Cyberjaya. (Amazing, really!) The lighting was fantastic! Hahhaha!!
Then later, sit around with dear Fina and BJ in HB4.. ate sandwich.. bermesra ngan abang-abang kedai tuu.. AHHAHHA!! Klakar sungguh.. Then we went to HB0, talk about more stuff.. and were joined by Alitt and Inarah.. (eventually talked more about Pangkor!) Mostly about their "I Will Survive" performance! AHHAHA!!
And then back again to HB4, Fina ate Bihun.. while I ate some fries. AHHAHA!! Aktiviti arinih makan jek!
And now.. back again in my room.. in front of my computer.. *Demm* Have I got no life??!!!! Buhsan nyer... nak pakweee! AHHAHAHHA!! Don't take this seriously.. (Musz and Hanis musti rase nak sepuk je Wanie skang nih! Ekkekke!!) Things that happen after I said those kind of words, usually turns out freakish! Ekkekek!! So, Wanie tarik balek... separuh! AHHAHAH!!
Humm.. just noticed that I have a bit of sun-burn on my nose.. +_+

Jealousy stinks!!


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