Monday, March 17, 2003

Didn't get enough sleep.. TWO HOURS je tau!!! Fina went into the room waking us up.. and I replied "Ape diaaaa???" (in such an angry tone!) AHAHHAHA!! Sangat kelakar.. And she said "MDF!" and immediately I woke up.. and that was.. what? 8:50? Ahhahaha!! Can't see why I slpet (*tiru Kak Yan!!*) slept so late last night.. all I remember was the time when me and Anan Anan Ana competed who threw the apple sorer cores the farthest through the window. AHHAHAH!! Seperti sakai juga ada..
So we went pretty late to class.. And then.. met up with the fellas, my Graphics team to discuss the thing we're due to send it TOMORROW!! AHHAHA!! Gosh! I've been wasting so much time, haven't I? Stupid ole love story takes up so much time to get over and took so much of my thoughts! Should've been wiser.. Kan? Kan?? ~*awak punn!*~
Been listening to Dum Dums - Can't Get You Out Of My Thoughts these days.. AHHAHA!! This song is very very neat!! Sounded like 70s production or something! I have to say.. I have this somewhat a soft spot for 70s tunes! AHHAHA!! Sangat kelakar~!
Owh gosh!! I really need to start on some work!! Demmit! Gonna start on my freakish English first.. Later~ (I hope!)

Now you know how much spelling errors I make most of the time! AHHAHA!!


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