Tuesday, March 18, 2003

The Audio Warfare was a blast!! I've been screaming hysterically all night!! My throat sores real bad, and I'm starting to get a headache! Huhuu..
So how did I spend my day? Skipped English, yet again! But to do some constructive work, taaau!! So, now basically.. our English thingy product have startted started, even though just a bit.. At least, it's something.. I guess! Huhuuu.. Okay okaay.. If I really want to get through this, I really need to do this on my own, iaight 'aight? And I will.. I will.. I will.. I will.. (making myself to beliebe believe that!)
And I tried on that Pagemaker stuff.. Thanks Fariz!! Dah tau camner nak letak gamba dah now nie.. walaupun template tu maseh agak tidak berjaa berjalan.. Taoi Tapi takpe! At least I know SOMETHING already! Hahhahaa~!!
Later today, me, Fina and BJ went to Cyberia (got caught up in the rain!) to check out some houses.. Humm... I guess we kinda got our hearts into the house we saw today. Agak mahal ke, ekk? But it was TOTALLY neat!! Very very NICE!! Sangat sangat besh!
Then.. got back, and changed for the Audio Warfare.. Honestly, I'm totally toooooooo tired to talk about them, but it's so NEAT to talk about!! Hahhaha!!
Reuben Kincaid - Screamed like crazy!! They got a girl for a drummer!! So soooOoOoOo neat!! AHHAHA!! Drums are sooOooOOoo greatt!!!
Renegades - The dude can really rap!! He did a nice job!! Really!! I like this one!
Chronicle - BOBBB!!! (..the builder, can we fix it?) Hahhahha!! It was Bob and his mates' band! So of course, I screamed like mad again..
Stage Union - They were the ones who played The Muse's song, 'aight?? Then, they're COOL!! But.. if I AM talking 'bout the right band.. they probably need to change the vocal.. AHHAHHA!! I think the ones who played tonight were AWESOME but the vocals kinda sucked!! AHHAHA!! (Evil me..)
Service Provider 4 D' Poor - They were knowned as Zid!! AHHAHAH!! They did a remake of Killing The Birds With Two Stones this night! It roxX!! But again.. the one who did the vocals for this song should practice more.. AHHAHAH!!
Figure 8 - AHHAHAH!! I can't find a single memory of this bacd band! AHHAHA!! Evil me again..
B.O.D.O - Don't blame me for being a gurl.. but I love this band for it's drummer!! Sangat cute!! AHHAHAH!! And THEY WON!!! So heyy! They were good, REALLY!! They played to I'm Just A Kid and The Girl All The Bad Guys Want.. AHHAHA!! Sangat besh! And the thing about the drummer.. he really knows how to steal the spot light! I mean, typically drummers are hard to be seen, 'aight? And this mamat.. when he's not playing in this one part, he suddenly stood up and show his face! AHHAHA!! Dahlaa cute!! Ekkekke!! Sungguh menariiiiik... (And he's a DRUMMER!!!!!)
*yeah yeah.. I'm crazy 'bout guys that can play guitars or drums.. Drums sangat besh! But guys yang teret terer plucking is sangat amazing!*
Overture - Owh.. the band with the instrumental.. Sayang diorang kat akhir-akhir and people were getting tired~
Anna Sui - Oyy!! Katoq can sing!! He was amazing!! Who would've thought???!! They played to Malay songs.. but it sounded waaaaaaaaayy NEAT!! Katoq can sing!!! AHAHHAHA!! (reaaaaaaaaally nice voice~!) Untung si Anis tu yekk.. AHHAHAH!!
Massive Infusion - Azri agak menyedihkan.. but the chello was TOTALLY NICE!! And the Deejay guy as well! He looks really cool! AHHAHA!! The second song was neat! Rain, it was called. Really REALLY NICE!!!!
And 7 Collars T-Shirt perforned performed.. even without their drummer, I have to say.. they sounded pretty NEAT!! Sangat menariiik! And their guitars looked so soooo cool! AHHAHA!!
Owh heck!! Really need to rest! Can't stand this way of living.. Huhuuu.. Just by two hours of sleep. CRAZY!!

For the ending.. I'm just gonna quote what Radhi of OAG said to the peeps back there.. Don't stop dreaming!!


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