Monday, March 24, 2003

Okay, in case you've noticed that I haven't been posting up much these days.. well, it's due to some facts that's been happening around me lately. Number one, I had that 203 error thingy been bugging my blog on few occasion when I wanted to post some entries.. so, better I just try my best to control myself from posting up so much on the blog. Number two, I've been spending my time to write in my MLE journal!! Bluekk.. though, I have to say, I really like my journal!! It's been reflecting much of my life.. so, of course I'm getting myself attached to it! ^_^ Number three, I'm getting afraid if I'll write what I have in mind at the very moment I'm writing a blog. Might sound too much depressed and I'd get some peeps worried or ask too much questions, walhal.. I'm VERY much fine! Just a bit question in my head... ^_^
So! That's why I haven't been posting lately.. just leave it like that for a while, okie! I may get back to it somewhere next week 'coz I'll be sending in the MLE journal this coming Friday..


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