Thursday, March 06, 2003

For I'm feeling what I shouldn't be feeling..
aaAaaAaaAaAaAAaAHHH!!!! (That was a scream, mind you!) Uuurghhh!! What's up with me tonight!! This is absolutely NOT the right time for me to feel what I'm feeling right now. Demm!! This really suxX!!! Stupid stupid me.. what's up with me?!! Huwaaaaaaa!!
Let see.. what did I do today.. Apart from sending my Fundamental at noon.. there was that briefing for Pangkor. Honestly, I didn't even listen to one bit what they said.. I tried.. really! But I kept being overcome with silly jokes.. along with my friends, of course! And well, something bothered me a bit. One of the gurls did this one thing I hate.. She.. mentioned the one thing I try to stop everyone from talking about. (Cam paham ke ayat?) Like.. they're making the impression that it will never end!! It'll stay like that forever and ever!! It's like.. A bad news that will never end!! Urrgghhh!! I tried so hard to make people stop from talking about it, but they still do!!! Huwaaaaaaa!! +_+
In the night.. had a wee bit of discussion/meeting for the committee.. Huu.. I guess it was quite a long one, but it wasn't so bad. Pretty entertaining, really! We were laughing every now and then. All eleven of us.. myself, Ana, BJ, Fina, Sheeya, Dani, Yus, Tariq, Ross, Liyana and Alifah. Heehee~
Then.. walked up towards MPH.. melawan arus as the others walked FROM the Artistic Fusion. Me and Ana were walking with BJ who wanted to meet up Izwan. Huuum.. It was a pretty long walk, I think.. considering that I'm feeling.. a wee bit strange. Huuhuuu!!

Life's such a lie, this can't be true
Things are just blue when I'm without you
You may be pretending or just plain crazy
But when I'm with you, I feel free to be me


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