Wednesday, March 05, 2003

CR 3047
Maths just now was.. err.. rather confusing.. Ekkeke! I thought I did pretty okay, but when I glanced at Fina and Ana's papers, I guess something went a wee bit wrong. Huhuu.. Jalan keje diorang panjaaang! Apsal Wanie nyer pendek semacam?? Huhuu..
Slept around three last night. Why? I don't know.. finished my Fundamental much earlier than that.. and I didn't even study my Maths (though my dad told me to! Ekkeke!) Just didn't feel like sleeping yet I guess.. and so, I watched the other gurls do their Fundamental as I played around with my phone.. Korek-korek cite from Arep! Ekkekke!! "Sapelah diri ini" kununnn! Nyampahh.. wekk!!
Guess I'll have to reload somewhere next week~ Ahhahaha!!
Going off to Pangkor tomorrow night~ Heehee~~ And may be going out by bus in the afternoon! Yeayy~ Nak gi mane ekk? KL ke ekk? Ekkekke!! Ade sesaper nak join try naik bus kuar MMU?? Meh laa memeriahkan suasane.. ^_^

Keep on flunking my Maths tests
How can I ever be better that the rest
You must've think all this is funny
but soothingly you said, "I'm still here, honey"


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