Tuesday, March 18, 2003

Gone stupid
Been having some problem with the blogger system.. so.. I don't know! Maybe it'll occur again after this.. Bluerrghh! Just keeping my fingers crossed so it won't go sucky again..
Nothing much been going on this day, anyways.. Everything has been.. pretty much slow! Huu.. Been doing the pagemaker this whole day. I think I got it right.. I THINK! Huu..
Excuse me, am I not a good friend? Well, I always thought I am pretty much an okay friend.. I never really dissed my friends to other people.. (very badly, anyways) and I've tried my best.. Ape lagi nak buat ye? I can't really be there every single time people needs me. I bear with that, but doesn't other people? And another thing.. I'm not a wizard who knows all the right words to say!! Hello?? Are you blind??!! Sungguh buat sakit ati! I thought I've said what I could. I've offered what I could, and if you can't see that.. your lost, brother. I'm not losing anything, am I? Urrghhh!! -- Can't get me down! --
Anyways.. been waiting for this song to finish download! -- How Does It Feel -- Yeyyey yeyyey!! Sugarcult's really neat!!



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