Monday, March 03, 2003

Two guys, a girl and a Kembara
Had a loooong loooong day yesterday. --Sori Amal-- tak dapat gik wedding your bro!! Went to two weddings yesterday with my parents. One is in Section 11, and the other is in Cheras. When I got home, I just had a wee bit of rest and then out again, I go with Rai and Arep to send off our ole friend, Acap. He's going to further his studies in Auckland!
I think I spent most of my day in the car. Huhuu.. Funny though.. on the way to KLIA, we were listening to Avril and sang to it! Well, me and Arep that is.. Rai said he's not into this 'karaoke' things.. but mind you, he sang to Sk8er Boi!! Ahhahha!! Pandai laa kamu!
Well, sending off a friend to the airport doesn't seem so nice after all.. kinda sad. Though I haven't been in contact with Acap for so long.. it's still a wee 'biggie' for me. Wonder how I'd feel if I see Rai leave. Huhuuu.. Rai, tak yah gik la!! Ekkekke!!
Then we stopped a while in SS15.. with Epul, Idris and Zul. Aaah~!! Zul's hairdo is waaaay too new for me! Ekkekke!! (Just thought I should mention 'bout it!)
And the way back, I was 'entertained' by the two guys with Sheila On 7's songs.. Ahhahha!! Besh aa korang~! I have to say.. they practically memorize the whole album! Very very entertaining.. Ekkekke~!!
So anyways.. finally got home around 9.. and then I waited for my parents to come down so we can go out to get some things for me.. Ehhehe.. Finally FINALLY got home at 11..! So just imagine me.. wearing a baju kurung with my Converse for the WHOLE day! Huhuuu.. and finally got back here in MMU this morning.. Huhuu.. Really need more sleep~
Huu.. and 'bout Expression just now. Ekkekke!! Kinda.. umm.. I have to say that it was a wee bit crappy.. Ekkekke!! I mean, we were going to use some candles, but only decide on it at the very last minute. Ekkekke! And all of us forgot to sing the starting of this one part.. And then my dear Lydia commented on our expression - which was na-daa! Ahahha!! I know I was very much distracted by some things.. so I really can't work on my 'faces'.. Ahhahha~!!

Let's pretend~


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