Wednesday, September 21, 2005

"Heroes loses first.."

- Then rises for a total win, so Dida said.
She was of course, referring to the Selangor football team.
(Really, we've been watching too many football matches these days that you can look for us at the stadium on football nights!)
Eh, but of course, Selangor fans are too many that to actually find us in the stadium would be close to impossible. Heh! I just love going to the stadium. There's just something about people of all ages coming together to a place with very bad air quality (because people smoked!) and shout vulgar words to the players who couldn't possibly hear what you said. Hihi! It all seemed amusing and amazing somehow.

So here's what I have to say about this season's team. At first, they were more like lucky to have qualified to this stage. I thought they really played horrible. They had no sense of skill, yet somehow they managed to get to the finals - so what else can you say if it wasn't luck? But after seeing Selangor playing Terengganu last Wednesday, I'd have to say that they are improving. Slightly, but improving nonetheless. The heck they should! More Selangor fans have been coming to the stadium to support the team. Selangor will be playing Terengganu again for the Malaysia Cup second semi-finals this Saturday, and against Perak on September 24th for the FA Cup finals in Shah Alam Stadium. I'm really looking forward to it even though I am a bit worried. Perak and Selangor.. well, if you ever cared about Malaysian football scene, you should know that they've been close contenders for so many years. They just have that history together. Very worrying.

To make things more "interesting", Perak and Selangor are the only remaining teams to compete for both FA Cup and Malaysia Cup - just to show that the two are the strongest teams. So no wonder if they seemed to get easily tired than Terengganu or Perlis in the semi-finals. But all is good for the FA Cup finals since they're going to be equally tired! Hehe.

Now I'm going to elaborate why Dida said that "heroes loses first." (A good example of heroes that loses first: Ultraman, Power Rangers, and practically every hero really.)
Selangor is so used to let the oposing team score first - like Negeri Sembilan, they scored 3 goals and at the last few minutes Selangor scored 3 goals and ended up winning the Premiere League by the penalty shot.
Selangor versus Perak in Malaysia Cup quarter-final, Perak scored a goal and Selangor managed to draw the game just moments before the refferee blew his whistle.
Their next match, Penang scored one goal in the first half of the game, but Selangor won when they scored two goals.
Selangor versus Selangor Public Bank on their second semi-finals of the FA Cup, Selangor Public Bank goaled first, and Selangor beat them with three goals and heads for the finals.
Last Wednesday, Terengganu scored at the 5th minute of the game.. and Selangor just had to reply with three goals!
I seriously don't get just why they had to let the oposing team score first, but it only confirms that the hero must lose first. Hihi.
Go Go Red Giants!!

I'm sure half of you would rather read something else than me talking about football, but honestly I have nothing much else to talk about. I'm halfway through writing a long letter for Rai (because I owe him that) so I'd hate to repeat too much of the things that's been happening around.
I really miss writing. But I'm in a major writer's block so the only things I can write are letters and this blog. How pathetic.

Oh right, Dida has taken a sudden interest to watch Land Of The Dead. I'm not really against anything scary like ghosts or zombies, alright, that's a little understatement. I HATE ghosts, the thought of them makes me restless at night but I do love watching scary movies somehow. I'd cry, but I still watch them. (which usually got my dad irritated) I told Dida that Land Of The Dead is about zombies but she still wants to see it once it comes out.
I'm not exactly scared by zombies because they're simply illogical, but the thought of them just makes me really sad. Really, watching Resident Evil and Dawn Of The Dead leaves me feeling really sad. Why can't they just die?! I mean, the thought of seeing a loved one turning into something neither living nor dead is just sad. I suppose it's a similar feeling to deciding if you should or should not turn off the life-support system of someone who has turned completely into a vegetable.
Well, that's how I think of it.

Man, I miss my boys.

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