Wednesday, September 28, 2005

A quickie but not so much.

I haven't been into any interviews since the last one I told you about. It's not that I'm backing away from that thought of working, but I have to be honest.. I'm definitely more appreciative over my time being a bum. hihi!
I think I'll try for a job that my mom would protest on, like being a crew on a cruise ship for instance. I should apply no later than October 3rd, so I have a little more time to think about it. Just the other day I saw an ad to work on one of those off-shore oil rig, but for some reasons I can't find the ad anymore. Maybe I should take it as a sign. Dida had once been onto one of those oil rig off Terengganu and she said there were all male. So when she walks by, they'd all turn their heads - not having seen a girl for the past half of month.. maybe! (All I know, that's how their working hours.. 12 hours for 2 weeks, then they'll have the next two weeks off.) Well, I don't think working along men would be so much of a problem but.. maybe it will. I'd hate to get so concious over nothing!
I still hope that I'll find the ad though. Man, the pay is good! 200+ US Dollars per DAY! I'd pay off my loan in minutes!

I suppose I shouldn't be so picky (or rebellious) about the job. Any sort of income should be good and I'm more to looking for the experience anyways! So if nothing else works out, I'll start applying for one of those simpler jobs like a waitress, barista or receptionist. Unglamorous, I know - something you wouldn't want to talk about in a high school reunion, but I'm in dire need to meet more people, and hopefully, odd ones.
If only there's a circus in town I can join; should be really interesting!

Since I'm getting more and more serious about writing, I reckon that I should go to more places and just see more people - for inspiration purposes. hehe! I mean, I can't talk about people that is actually in my life - they'd be upset if I shall decide to kill them off in my writing! hihi. (not that I'm planning to.. just in case!)
I haven't written anything in two days and it's not because of that so called "writer's block". I'm just too lazy to pick up the pen. It's horrible, I know.

You know, this writing thing really scares me. If it doesn't work out.. then I'm clearly untalented and was born with absolutely no skill. Wouldn't that be just sad??
Oh, who am I kidding? I'm not really scared - I lied. I was trying to be a bit negative but failed. One way or another, writing IS my thing. So if novels don't work out, I'll apply for secretarial work! ahhahaha!!

For some reasons I'm in a pretty dandy mood this morning.
By the way.. the Oxford Advanced Learner's Dictionary of Current English '84 print is my good friend these days. I know, I hardly ever use any words that you need to refer to a dictionary, but I just had to be sure about the words that I use or read.

Selangor vs. Perak tomorrow. Can't wait!!!

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