Wednesday, September 21, 2005

Q: Are you willing to do do the work after the day's training?

A: Undecided - closer to a no.

So I hated the job I'm supposed to do. Absolutely hate it, no doubt! But Mr. Boss - Johnny really thought I should try it for two weeks. Ahhahaha!! Really, does my sincerity by any chance charmed any of you? It seems to work on Johnny - he actually laughed and said, "cute answer" when he read my answer in the questionaire. It's really odd! I would've thought that he'd want someone who'd be sure to work for him, and I clearly wrote, "closer to a no".

Dida said probably he saw my confidence talking to him since I had nothing to lose. She had a point, really. I think people would fidget more during interviews if they had really wanted the job so badly. I mean, I saw today the work I should be doing and I simply can't see myself doing it from nine to five, five days a week. Really, it's just crazy! So I was really relaxed for the second interview and laughed quite a lot with Johnny despite I sweated like a pig through the day and my purdah (really, it's the typical tudung but "purdah" is actually a word from the English dictionary!) was askewed.
I'm trying to quit school so I can actually start doing something I absolutely love, and if I take the job.. it's like that Malay saying about running away from the mouth of a vicious predator and into another vicious predator's mouth. (I know, it's supposed to be about two particular animals but I just can't remember it!)
So here's a tip: if you're looking for a job, don't think too much of how you want it so bad. Because,
1. you don't want to get too nervous on the interview. It's bad enough if you don't think you'd qualify for that hot position, you just don't need to stumble on your words. Confidence are freaking important, really! REALLY!
2. that job you ask for might just be not what you had expected earlier.

Now, just so you'd be so amazed by my "surprisingly talented interview abilities", I turned up at the office in the morning to find that I was the only Malay and female that made into the second interview. I feel awesome!! There were like five other guys and I sat at the end of the sofa, trying to make friends with Chong, the one who sits next to me.
Then Johnny came out, and assigned each one of us to a more senior employees to teach what we'll be doing if we get hired. So I got this guys Peng Koon and David. I think it was highly amusing!

So I was specifically assigned to Peng Koon, and he kept asking me to just shoot away if I had any questions. Right.
"So Peng Koon, you're a Virgo?"
Ekkekeke! Honestly, I must've turned dotty after a while in the sun!
Anyways, the two boys were cool. I think they did fantastic, showing me around. And I had a really unusual observation today. Peng Koon was Virgo, David was Aries; even though I'm supposed to follow Peng Koon around, I was seriously drawn to David despite he litters and was really disgusting! Really really disgusting. How odd was that?? Suppose David was really polite to me even though he's disgusting.
That's another observation I made - Aries are always polite! To me at least.
Hanis, Arep, Dar and David. (Yes, I do think you fellas were pretty polite to me.) Hanis never even made a joke about me to my face! Nor Arep, but of course if he did that I'd kick his sorry arse! Rai, Muz and Dayat does it all the time!! It's a ritual for them!
Note to self: Plan having an Aries kid so he/she'd be polite to me. Yeayy! (I'd be horrified to get a Sagittarius or Cancer or Capricorn!) Man, I do seem to need to plan this out.

Moving on: So later today I suppose, I should be meeting Johnny in the morning and tell him what I really think about this whole job thing. I was so amazed when he said I was great (honest, he really said "you're great") that I just said "yeah" when he then said, "see you tomorrow?"
I am so gullible! It's awful!!

So I'll be back to reading the Classifieds in the paper again.. Yeayy!! (I absolutely love circling the ads! Felt so cool!)
Unless my mom decides to force me back into continue studying in MMU - which is definitely on the top of my "Feared List"!
Waaarrrghhh! I hate losing more time!

On the way coming home Dida thought of buying a Rhumba, (I am such a bad influence! I AM good at making people start spending money.) Since we're at Plaza Shah Alam (the one in Section 9), I asked Dida if we could see the music store if Wonderland is in yet. The store clerk hadn't had any clue who the heck McFLY is! (Grrr) But then he asked, "would you like to order for it?" I could've sworn I heard fireworks in my ears.
Wanie: Is there any extra charge?
Store Guy: No, we just charge you for the CD price.
So then I said "okay!" in that chirpy uncontrollable high-tone of mine. The guy went to the counter and said something to the Store Lady.
Store Lady: You have to put in a deposit to order.
Wanie, turning to the lovely sister of her's: Dida, there's a deposit to order.
Dida: How much?
Wanie, turning back to the Store Lady: How much?
Store Lady: 10 ringgit.
Wanie, with absolutely no shame: Dida, 10 ringgit please!
And with that ten Ringgit, I have now a piece of paper that said McFLY Wonderland CD, Wanie 019-39*****. Excellent!! I know I just got a small paper, but it's just as excellent!!
So now I'll just wait for their call! Ooh call me! Call me soon!! I'll just die if I had to wait for months and months for the CD!!

Okay, I am awfully pooped right now. Hopefully I'd be able to use my legs by this morning, as it's been threatening to pop out since the afternoon. It'd be just horrible if I get paralyzed even for one day!

Sorry I was late for yesterday, Muz.
Dayat, I hate you.
Miss you loads, Hanis!
(I'm coming to miss the four of us together when I'm especially tired. Sorry.)

This was written at 12:47 am on September 6th, 2005.
Edited at 7:27 pm of the same day.


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