Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Oh heck, maybe I'll just go crazy.

I think I should just send my CV to that off-shore oil rig thing. Brilliant if I get it, but pefectly fine if I don't. What's the point of chickening out before you start, eh? Plus, my life motto is currently DARE TO BE GREAT. hihi!
I'm daring, alright. Not so sure about that great part just yet.

I suddenly remembered the email I got from one of my bestfriends. She sort of jolts my memory of who I am inside.
Okay, to start off with let me tell you that I like to give long emails to my friends. I'd write stuff like what was going on in my life. (Emails are definitely the only form of communication that I have with my friends these days.) I'd babble a lot in the email but when we get together, they would miss on nothing about me thus, plenty of stuff to talk about.
So my last update for them was when I told them how badly I was doing at school and reckoned that I ought to find a job. Odd enough, they all got worried for me and was rather sympathetic - somehow. hihi! (I can't figure out why they felt that way.)
Anyways! Then Dayat replied saying something like; "it's great that you can always find things that make you bounce back."

Maybe I am a happy person after all, but if I am.. how come I can be so nasty sometimes? Don't you think it's just weird?? Well, I think it's weird. I am so bitter and spiteful sometimes, but some other times I just can't think of any excuse to think bad of anyone. Just.. odd.
Maybe I'm suffering from split personality.


By the way, I just finished writing my CV and you know.. for someone who hasn't finished her degree, I wrote quite a decent one! I SO feel like Rosie Dunne now. Except that I get a little upset when I saw my MUET result slip. Just 5 more points to get Band 5! grrr.
Listening: 39/45
Speaking: 31/45
Reading comprehension: 105/135
Writing: 40/75
ahahhaha! I did writing the worst but I have a perfectly good reason, so I'm not terribly worried. Upset, but not worried.

This was written at 1:32 am on September 24th, 2005
Edited at 2:54 am of the same day.


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