Monday, December 23, 2002

Really should've just..
Ha~! I know I should just let go of this.. I'm trying hard to let go, really.. But I just can't.. and *demm* it hurts!!
Let's just say that I'm afraid of having anymore hope for myself. Mental, huh?
Sorry Hanis! Can't let go.. I know you've told me to.. but I just can't.
Amazing how my imagination can really run wild.. As my dad drove me back here.. I just kept thinking of scenes when I won't have to get back here.. Pretty extreme really.. but nothing much new.. heh~! Of course, I've been having extreme thoughts even in my 'tweens' life! How troubled can I get?? VERRRRY! Still amazes me that I got this far.. 18! That's a large number.. wonder when the number will stop to add up..


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