Monday, December 16, 2002

The so called 'educational' break
Heehee~! Well, that's what I said before the break.. there was a thought of having an educational school break but it seemed that I didn't have enough time to get to the 'educational' part. Nyehnyehh! Yeahh.. I did open up those programmes I wanted to learn, but as I stared at it... my thoughts just went.. "what was I going to do just now?" So I closed them back.. Heehee~!
Humm.. three weeks of break.. wasn't enough really.. to do all the things I wanted to do. But it's long enough for me to miss my friends. Nothing much happened through out those three weeks.. But I'm thankful enough that I didn't spend all my time by sitting around at home.

Huuu.. haven't got enough of my 'magical' movies dosage. Harry Potter and The Chamber of Secrets was neat {though I enjoyed the book better!} but I just can't help myself from getting anticipated for The Lord Of The Rings:The Two Towers!! My heart just beats faster everytime I saw or heard the advert for it! Aiyyayayaaa!!
What can I say.. it was horribly boring! Weird enough, this is the very first time I didn't even feel a bit of that 'raya feeling'. It was just.. a day where we can start eating in the daylight again! I don't know.. just.. that 'twinkling' sensation was no where during Aidilfitri this year. But it wasn't so bad I guess...
Funny what your siblings can do to you. Well, Dida took a long break. So what does that mean? It means that I had to endure her much longer!! Yeahh.. quarreled and all that. And had to endure the times she teases me.. And pretty much stupid that she said my butt seemed bigger!! DUHH!! Mengarutlaa katak! But heyy! Nina and Dida taught me something new! Now I know how some guys can see when a girl is having her period! Now I know the secret! Nyehnyehh!
And Musz is just absolutely GREAT!! She just had her way of timing. Calling me up just when I got bored of sitting around. Went around on the 11th. Ended up in Mid-Valley.. amazingly bumped into some old friends!! Arep, Zooleak, Ridhwan and Ahmadsyah which of course, I can bump into him any day in MMU. But it was a pretty neat coincidence! Such a long time since I last saw those guys! And at the end of the day.. Musz bought me an owl for my birthdayy!! AHHAHHA!!
New books
Bought some new books during the break! Wee~!!! And it's the book I wanted so soo much! It's Rowling's Fantastic Beasts and Where To Find Them {Harry Potter's text book} and Quidditch Through The Ages {Hogwarts' library book} Totally neat!! It was such a fun read!! So I spent RM 40 for them, but heyy! I'm HAPPY!!!!!! ^_^ Thank you to those long hours of walking around in the MPH Bookstore! Hik!
I'm 18!! Hahhaa~! Well, I don't think that anything much would change.. but I guess we'll have to see some bit later...! Thanks to all my friends who remembered! Sape yang tak ingat tu.. I refuse to remember yours next year! Tak kesahh!! I'm holding a grudge, here! Huhh! Hihhihik! Surprised Nina when I showed her a daring SMS that I got.. It said "HAPPY BIRTHDAY! I LOVE YOU!" Hahhaa~! Of course.. the only person that's brave enough to say that is my FATHER! Hahhaa~!!! And if there's an award to give away for the best birthday wish.. I'd give it to Dayat.. 'coz it was hilarious!! It goes something like.. "you're old enough now.. so you can see the 18+ movies without hessitations!" Gosh! Of all the things to wish.. she said THAT! Ngeee~!!
TIRING!! 9 hours of road-trip. I swear that my err.. koksik feels swollen! Yeoww! It hurts baaadly! Well, went to Terengganu to sent off Dida back to Kerteh. {She's kinda having her practical in Petronas Cari Gali} I have to say.. it's just lucky of her to get the chance to be there. Just last month she got to go to the pelantar minyak. (Sorry, I'm pretty much too sleepy to find the English word for it while I'm typing this out) And she has that yellow suit for keeps! Huu.. just lucky of her to be one of those Petronas scholar. Makes me hit my head why aren't I as smart as my sisters! Yeech! Oh what the heck.. then I wouldn't be ME! ^_^
ooOoOo yeahh.. the new webby will be up later this week.. that Terengganu trip drained all my energy out to keep on working on the webby!
Why, of course! I always get that every time I had too much time to myself. So what did I learn? Well.. compromise is one thing. Gosh! It's kinda hard to do that! Really! And I realized that saying sorry could get a bit hard sometimes. I mean.. as a brat as I always am.. when someone says something to me.. something that infuriates me.. I'd usually say something back to them! And.. I just had this one moment when I just stopped and no words could come out. The next thing I know.. I said "sorry" and I really mean it! Huu.. kinda hurts really.. to push a bit of my ego. Hahhaa!! Humm.. what's there left of me without this ego.. ^o^
Humm.. and when I get the chance to day-dream.. the thoughts that came to my mind really made me realize some things. Freaks me out a little.. but not really! Get what I mean? It's like.. if I think about it some months ago.. I'd go screaming my head off but since it just came.. I'm quite prepared and ready for it! Hahhaa~! Don't mind me if you don't understand what I'm saying. Just a note to myself, then! ^_^

Aaaaaand as much as I hate it, the break is now over! Sad really.. I didn't even get to see Niez and Dayat during the break. I MISS YOU GUYS SO MUCH THAT IT HURTS!! Huwaaaaaaa!! Please oh please make this Saturday work.. Dayat.. confirm your paper right away please! Hanis, get back home A.S.A.P!! Musz, pack all your stuff early so you won't forget those nessecities!! I'll try to work on those tickets.. yeechh!! Or maybe you should, Musz.. Oh well.. pray hard that all of us could make it.. at least I would! Huuu

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