Sunday, January 22, 2006


now let's talk about what a horrible daughter I make.

FYI, since the last two days I haven't had a normal conversation with my father, and I am only slightly guilty about it. I still think he shouldn't have told me to shut up when I was merely pointing an opinion. Then he went on about with one of his favourite lines that goes something like, stupid people can be taught unlike proud people who refuses to learn.
Well, I think "egomaniac" is just a fancier word to replace "crazy".

Moving on..
Had fun today! Met up with Dayat, which has always been a lot of fun! Mostly we just talked and talked and ate, and talked. Then we went to see Memoirs Of A Geisha which I thought was.. funny in some odd ways. It was a good movie indeed, but I just couldn't help thinking in the end.. what dispassionate kissers Asian couples make! AHHAHAHAHA!! Honestly! They need to learn a bit or two from those British and American actors.
Overall, I liked the film, and since I didn't read the book; I have no bad comments about it! (Simply typical, ain't it?) Ooh~ I just adore that kid who plays Chiyo! kawaiiii!!

Then we conveniently "bumped into" Muz and her "friend" Faiz Faizal. Sat and yacked at Coffee Beans. I suppose third time is the charm for Faiz Faizal. I was about to cross him out if I ever saw him in his moods again. AHHAHAHAHA! Of course, no one really needs my approval for anything but it's always nice when everybody just gets along, doesn't it?
Anyways! Faiz Faizal was such a fun today! He laughed at the right places everytime! His Aries' manner was really showing and I was pleasantly surprised. Third time's the charm, definitely.
Even Dayat was amused that he was in fact the same person we had seen in March last year. (The first time we were introduced.) Horrible first impression. Faiz Faizal was definitely no Zul (Hanis' boyfriend) but he could really be charming.
*sigh* Missing Hanis.
And if only I hadn't forgotten to bring Dida's PDA along! Could've taken some neat photos! grrr.

Later I went back on the commuter with Muz.. around 9, (Dayat left at 7) and met up with her sister at the Shah Alam station who was also out with her friends. Then we aaalll went for a detour to Giant Supermarket with the girls' father.
I only arrived home near to 11pm. heh!

Well, had a really fun day.
Almost forgot about a "thing" that looms about my thoughts since yesterday. Just almost.. 'cause I still have that stupid darned letter inside one of my drawers. *grunts* Probably Karma. Karma is making me pay for being so reckless. (and a bad baaad daughter!)


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