Sunday, January 29, 2006

Happy Chinese New Year!

Had spent the rest of the morning, and most of the afternoon finishing up Pride and Prejudice. Really really enjoyed it!!
Elizabeth Bennet, is definitely a character to look up to.. if she was in fact real. Not for the fact that she was most of the time prejudice over Mr Darcy, but at the times where she cared for her sister's welfare and able to empathize to dear Jane.
And of course, as Elizabeth rejoice in her life and perfectly aware of herself.

Errr.. is it a little odd to understand? I blame the confusing pages.
I recommend the book to anyone who would be willing to endure 300 pages of old-English. The story itself was brilliant, but the languange.. yeech!
I'm just glad that I've seen the film since it'd helped me through some really confusing paragraphs.
*sigh* I'm definitely starting to admire Jane Austen. (my fellow Sagi!)

I'll start on Dante's The Inferno by tomorrow. heehee!
Expect my English to become even more twisted as it already is.

Dida called in yesterday while I was at work. Irritating, since everyone else got to converse with her. Nina and family came over for a visit. (As of the moment, they are preparing to head back to Seremban.) Didn't get to talk myself silly with her!
I'm practically just waiting for March. Hanis coming back at the first week and Dida on the second.
Hopefully all my errands will be done by the third week!

*sigh* I fear this wishful thinking.

ps: If I'm not making much sense to you.. it's because I'm slightly disoriented from being exposed to too much old-English since last Wednesday.


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