Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Money money moneyyy

I never really felt the NEED to have money. I've always just.. WANTED it. I want it a lot! hehhe!
I mean, for someone who doesn't get hungry a lot, who doesn't mind much about how old the clothes she's wearing as long as she feels sexy in it.. why would she need money?
I just WANT. I want to get that cute jacket I saw in ZARA. I want to be able to spend at least RM100 at the bookstore and not feel guilty to spend my money on books again. I want to own a pair of heels. I want to have enough money to get a passport. And I want to be able to treat my three best friends at a nice restaurant once Hanis gets back here.
I just want a lot of things, don't I?

Moving on!
To those who MIGHT wonder.. me and my dad, are now normal. As normal as it could've been. I know neither of us needs another "crazy" person in the house. I was able to identify that I am turning into somewhat of my father - and not necessarily what he's best for. So really....

Been in touch with Hanis since Saturday. Just had to email her after the day out with Muz and Yat. I always miss Hanis most after seeing any of the two. It just brings out too much good memories and and it just sucks not having Hanis around to reminicse about it together.
So! News about her.. she'll be having an exam in about two weeks and once she's done, she'll be coming back here in March for a month. March. I had to tell her something that I hadn't told neither Muz or Yat and it kinda makes both of us sad. Not exactly something really upsetting, just a fact that points out how restricted time is.. and will be.

Was text messaging with Dida in the morning. She was bragging about what her client had said to her and told me that she might have to stay with the project until December! How.. annoying! (Don't bother to understand this twisted thoughts of a younger sister.)
The thing she was very proud of.. (and so did I) was that her client offered her a job if she ever got bored with the company whe's working with right now. heheh! I believe it's the second time that has happened.
I seriously don't know what my sister did to impress her clients so much!! Grrr.
I was thinking about learning a point or two on how to impress people, but I know I'd deject myself if ever I lift an extra finger just so I'd look impressive. ahhaha!
I'm trying to say that I'd love myself better if I could impress people by not trying.. but honestly, even I don't think it's possible!

Ohh, I told Dida that I might get that lovely jacket in ZARA with my pay (yes, I got my cheque yesterday!!!) although I'd probably moan afterwards that it'd cost me RM200 and she simply replied.. "Don't buy it.." *sigh* Now I'd feel extremely guilty if I do. Darn it!
Fine. I probably won't buy it then.. But I'm definitely going to watch Pride and Prejudice!! grrr. Actually it was my first choice last Saturday but Dayat has seen it. sheesh! And I'm definitely buying some books!! I don't care!! I'm spending my money, one way or another!

If only I hadn't told Dida about the jacket....
Guilt... damn guilt!!!
Should probably start saving a little money.. but that damn guilt!! I'd be more guilty to not spend a cent of my pay. All those money.. they'd think they're unappreaciated!


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