Tuesday, January 17, 2006

The one you seek,

Had a really dull Monday. Had to work as well as having my period, so I find less things amusing. Horrible feeling. Would probably prefer pain. Not being able to find something to smile or laugh about always makes me feel like some kind of a defected person - not a very good feeling.

Right now spending this other day off.. not sleeping. Seems like the best way to spend some time. Should probably doodle on some ideas for the next layout or surf around for ideas to steal but right at this moment I'm just torn, thinking if I should pick up the guitar instead.
I'm such a lousy musician and I don't think I'll ever be good. But hey! All the more reasons to find a guy who is! ahhahahahhaha!!!
Rephrase: bump into. Bump into a guy who is, since I'm convincing other people (and myself!) that I am not looking for a guy. heeheee!

That's one thing I love about being young - that it's okay to say (and do) stupid things 'cause you have plenty more of time to correct them.

Starting to really miss Dida. Talking to her 3 times a week just isn't enough. I'd prefer having her around.. fight about stupid things like how I get irritated by the way she keeps changing the tv channel and not talk to her for two hours and then suddenly just joined forces when Mama starts yakking about something preposterous. heh! Well, that's just mean, but my head just frizzles everytime Mama starts talking and just won't stop!
I'd love to just scream when that happens but it's really rude to interrupt when people are talking... (ahhahahaha!!!)
Now now.. as I said again and again.. I love my parents and sisters but I'm really really impatient and rather pissy sometimes. Also, I don't usually bother to think before I say, and that says a lot about me.

Okay. I've decided.
I'll play the guitar and write some stuff first before I start any plans on the layout. Earlimart makes me wanna play.

(I spent 40 minutes on this entry!!!)

..you may never find


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