Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Politician - schmuck.

I encountered a funny sort of situations today. (Monday.. yesterday, of course!)
First was on the bus to work. It was pretty full except this one seat I clearly saw near the doors. I headed to the seat and the lady next to it said very quietly, "Bangsar.."
- "Bangsar.."
Oooookaay... So I still pointed at the seat and squeezed through the lady and just sat. Then suddenly my butt felt cool, and I finally figured out.
"Basah.." (wet)
That was what the lady was trying to tell me earlier!!
ahhahahahaha!!! So at the next stop, some other lady goes off and I took her seat, saving my butt from actually getting wet.

And later, guess what??!

Najib Tun Razak; the Deputy Prime Minister visited Kinokuniya (with his super good looking, tall son) and I was unfortunate enough to be the one to help out. *sigh*
He was asking about the "best pen for signatures" and DUH! I barely worked there a month, how should I know about all the 200 pens on display?? So I poked for Chai Ling who was actually entertaining another customer, and once she turned to see who my customer was, she leaned over and said, "Najib la.. Najib laa.."
Then I turned back to look at Najib, and turned again to talk to Chai Ling and she wasn't there! She was practically running towards the store room!!! EVIL!!
But then she brought along Yana who took over and simply relieved me from anymore embarassment.

The whole thing was hilarious! We talked about it for hours afterwards. Chai Ling said she had panicked and that's why she ran. heehee!
Well, I thought trying to please a guy with his 3 bodyguards standing by was uncomfortable. Such an unpleasant feeling. But since I didn't give a rat's ass about politics or POLITICIANS (no offence to those who does) it really didn't matter if I seemed foolish in front of Najib.
Actually I cared more about being silly in front of this sweet looking boy who works at the book shelves. heehee.
And I smiled even more to Najib's bodyguards than himself. ahhahaha!! I can't help it.

Then there was this transvestite.. err.. it sounded a bit cruel, doesn't it? So let's call this one a lady/man, heehee. So this lady/man can't seem to make up her mind between two files and she stood right in front of me and kept saying, "which is better?" Since I thought she (he?) was kind of attractive, I tempted myself to be extra friendly and clutched each of the files so she could imagine how she would probably look like if she were the one holding it. I suppose I got a little excited over one of the files that I put a little more enthusiasm when I held it up, and what did she/he say??
"eh, mengadenyee.." (what's mengade in English, eh??)
AHHAHAHAHA!!! The nerve of her/him! I just had to laugh out loud at that point.

Today's customers was really entertaining, 'cause there was this young couple.. (younger than me, I mean) looking around at the notebooks area, and the guy was probably too tired from being dragged around by his girlfriend, sat on the floor as the girl picks out the notebook she'd wanted. When the girl had made her mind, and the guy had to get back up again, he moaned so I looked and smiled, then he asked;
"Kak, kat sini takde tempat urut Jepun ke?" (Isn't there any Japanese massaging place here?)
heehee! Then Chai Ling asked what I was laughing about when I was supposed to be arranging the stamps area.

And today I took out my money from last month's pay and I spent it all already! (I'm horrible, I know) I bought myself one of those monthly bus pass, and a book!! (what a geek!) And the bus pass - SO NOT ME!! So.. secure. So.. safe! I'm NOT safe! It's weird but I kept thinking to buy it one of these days, and I did!! I rarely THINK practicality!!
Good God, I think I am growing after all.
But if you look it in an odd sort of way, the unpredictability of it all actually says a lot of ME! heehee.
And the book I bought was Eoin Colfer's Artemis Fowl:The Opal Deception, that was definitely me.

Day off tomorrow! (Today, Tuesday!)


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