Wednesday, January 25, 2006

A tall tale..

about Wanie the super saver.

Of course, as mentioned it's only a tall tale and that basically says "totally bollocks"! I can never be a super saver, and nobody should even THINK that I am.

So I had a fantastic day! Such a brilliant brilliant day to spend doing anything as you like. Of course, Pei Sun had called me at 10 and asked if I could come to work - heck NO! (Okay, I gave a really polite answer to her. I said that I already had plans for the day..)

With 50 Ringgit in my purse and my bus pass and Touch 'N Go in my back pocket, I head towards Mid Valley!!
I got there around 1pm and went to GSC to collect my movie ticket. I had about 30 minutes to waste so I took out RM150 from the ATM and decided..
I should get myself a lip gloss.

I love Pride and Prejudice!! I couldn't help smiling at the end of the movie. It's just wacky! There I was.. by myself in my seat.. smiling stupidly at the way Mr. Darcy says....
Err.. I believe the thing he said would probably spoil the viewing experience of those who haven't seen it, so I better not type it out, yeah?
After I came out of the cinema.. I went to MPH and stroll around the Travel section. Then I walked around Romance, trying to find Jane Austen's book, which was in the Classics section - which I have never looked through! So yes people.. after I saw the movie, I bought a copy of Pride and Prejudice! But it had only cost me RM9 so that's a real smart buy, I'd say...
Although.. when I got out of the bookstore, I was carrying three books that had me spent almost RM100. ahhahha!

After that I got onto the commuter and Putra line and head to KLCC. Kinokuniya to be exact. But first, to the ATM again and get another RM50! ahhahaha!! Really wanted to look for that awesome book I saw a few months ago. I think it goes like 101 Things To Do Before You Die, then of course.. I'd waited too long so it's no longer there. But! I did find The Writer's Book of Wisdom which is also one of the books I'd longed to get, so I really snagged it from the shelf and hold tight to it. hehhe!

Being true to all the book-aholics and geeks in the world.. I'd spent RM176 on books alone, today! AHHAHAHAHA!! This is the laugh of a really proud shopper.

I'm trying to promise myself not to buy any books until March, here. But I had to give an exception if Cecelia Ahern releases a normal size paperback for If You Could See Me Now or if Dan Brown releases The Solomon Key anytime soon! eeeek!! SO looking forward to another Robert Langdon's misadventure!!

Enough geek talk.
Better start on one of the four books I bought today.
Good night everyone!


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