Sunday, January 01, 2006

Happy New Year!!

"Am I bovvered?"

heehee. Of course I am, I'm no Catherine Tate though I thought she was bloody brilliant for Comic Relief with McFly!
Dida called in at about 8 am this morning and once I get my turn to talk to her, the thing she told me was that McFly won the best moments of the year (for March/April) on BBC. heehee. Well they should! I voted for it!! ahhahahahha!!
Their moment for Comic Relief beat out Jamie Oliver's moment of blending pieces of chicken in front of some kids (Jamie's School Dinners), a hilarious moment in a soap called Footballers' Wife (it probably shouldn't be funny), and that one where Prince Charles was heard over the microphone, saying he couldn't stand the reporters (BBC News). haha! The git.

Anyways.. it's a new year now. Another 365 days (hopefully!) to grow.
New year's resolution!
1. If I found a grumpy yet endearing and handsome man like House, or a funny lad who laughs a lot like Danny, or someone typical looking yet charming like Mark Ruffalo, I promise I'd snag him up!
2. Stop picking my work and just get on with it a little faster than my usual comfortable pace.
3. Finally decide what I should do - study wise.
4. Have a thousand in my account, entirely my money
5. Write 300 pages of words.. by the end of the year.
6. And you can't have a resolution without one that is deemed to be doomed; eat healthier, be nicer to people and not get too grumpy when I get disappointed.

Okie.. gotta get ready for work!
Have a great year ahead, everyone!


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