Friday, January 13, 2006

Levi's jeans hates me!

Yeah, well.. I HATE 'EM TOO!!

Went to look for a new pair of jeans after work today and my first stop was Levi's. Believe it or not, at the age of 21.. I have never own a Levi's, so I thought, "Hey, maybe today!"
So I surveyed the price while I was on break.. and had my father on the phone, confirming that we'll meet up in MidValley (I just missed the place!) at six-ish.
Then it's time to look for a pair of jeans...

Well... just to cut things short, I came out of the store empty handed and feeling FAT. Yeah, I really did, and I never thought I was fat!! It was a really depressing experience - to not have your size. I feel HUGE! O'course, the sales person said they're sold out, but I wasn't sure about my size at first so I tried two sizes that didn't fit me. I AM FAT!!!
(Okay.. my dad told me to quit thinking that way 'coz he thinks I look just fine. He even added that I don't have to work out! ahahhahaha! Well, I still think I should even if I'm not really fat.)

After the upsetting experience I dragged my parents (yeah, I'm one o' those people who still goes around with their parents. Honestly I can't remember when's the last time I tried to look cool. Never cared too much what people think, really.) - uhh.. I dragged my parents into ZARA. Cheered myself up by trying on some of their jackets and coats. They were on sale but simply getting a coat is.. too impulsive, even for me.

Then Papa asked if there isn't any more stores I can think of where I can get a new pair of jeans. Well, I can so I did end up getting one at the end of it all. Even managed to get two pairs of socks!! (Aaah~ socks. My passion. heehee!)
I thought my new jeans fits perfectly. Although I'm slightly disturbed that it highlights my humongous butt! - but I'm guessing that that's what a pair of jeans are meant to do.

Okay. I hate Levi's for making me feel lousy and think crap about myself.
End of tonight's entry.

Ooh~ January 12th marks a month I've been working. I'm slighly amused by this fact.
And ohh! Happy birthday Orlie!


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