Sunday, January 15, 2006


Day off.
Just one day. Kinda sad cause my legs are aching. Weird. I thought I was over all the pain. Guess I was wrong. That happens.

Saw 2x10 - Failure To Communicate. Good episode. House was out of town and the "kids" decided to take on a case. Interesting patient too!
But the scene with House and Stacy.. urgh. Makes me cringe. Just something that I'd expected to happen but wished it didn't have to.

Wish I had a new book to read. Seems like a good day to stay in bed and catch up on some reading. Right now I'm just waiting on the paperback version of Cecelia Ahern's If You Could See Me Now. Could've bought the one in bookstores now, but I'd hate to have an unnecessarily large (like B5 paper size!) book in the shelves. Messes up the whole order.

Even after three years as a blog owner, I still have that mixed emotions about this. Some days I hope the whole world visits this blog yet some other days I wish they'd ignore it once they came by this.
I'm almost certain that some of my extended family members are going to come across this and they're probably going to read about the days where I'm just pissy about everything and everyone, including my parents and sisters.
I was going to explain myself so I won't get the bite in the future but my head keeps screaming that this is MY blog and that I shouldn't have to explain myself to other people. I guess I am very self-centered like that.

I can't tell people what to think. I can't even tell people what to say. Might as well just let them do what ever they want, and maybe they'll have the decency to let me do what ever I want.

I'm turning into one of those boring people who thought they should have a blog too, aren't I?


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