Tuesday, May 13, 2008


So I spent most of my weekend on a bus..
Malay weddings.. yadaa yadaa.. I guess I should say that it's been my family thing as well; road trips. Not sure when it started but I remember we went to Penang on a bus for Nina's wedding.. for Abang Min's Jasmin's side.. (who am I trying to kid.. I've never called him "Abang Min" before! I guess it's just the same as I've never called my sisters Kak--something before, so it's only fair! hahahha!)

We went to Johor during the weekend.
Let's see.. activities in the bus include; eating, staring out at the window as we got stuck in a jam for 2 hours.. (like really.. stuck STUCK with absolutely nowhere to go 'cause there was an accident with a lorry with steel beams just 4km ahead. haha!) umm.. what else.. sleeping, yes. Playing with the kiddies, talking with the couzies, also.. UNO! hahahha!

We pretty much arrived at our chalets after 9 freakin' hours!!
Then most of us went to the beach after putting our things.. I was there too.. but not really.. heh. Basically I did nothing much at the beach except for staring out to the sea..
Later we were back on the bus.. went to some place for dinner.. and I actually almost dozed off on the way back. (which I did the minute I got back to the chalet and my head hit the pillow.)

I got a little irritated in the morning. Everyone woke up TOO EARLY, in my opinion. hahha! They're all ready and showered at 8AM.. WHAT'S UP WITH THAT!! It was Sunday! Sleep in a bit!! But nooooo.. they were up.. and was having breakfast.
So what did I do? Skip shower and have breakfast! hahhahaha!! After breakfast, the kids were up for the beach again.. and well, there really is nothing much to do over there..

Kinda amazing, really.. the sea was at low tide in the morning and we had to walk pretty far until we reached the water. The few puddles of sea water left some really interesting (yet icky) wildlife. The kids (my smaller cousins) were really cute.. they identified the critters as Mr. Crabs and Patrick! hahahha! Spongebob were missing though..
And there were a couple of sea cucumbers in those puddles (really
icky.. like.. REALLY!) and Cik Midah actually took some of them back. err.. I'm a bit curious though.. if she could actually turn them into one of those remedial oils.

I think I was there for a good hour.. Then I walked back towards the chalets with my cousins Sarah, Hannah and Anis. I couldn't wait for Nina.. the kiddies just wouldn't come out of the water before everyone else, and I had enough dosage of the sun.

I got a bit of nap before getting my shower.. then I had to rush around getting ready and pack my things. haha!
Oh, FYI.. our family was only on one bus. The second one in the pic was Cik Nas' family (Fariza's mom). baah.. Malay weddings.. Malay family.. (mine at least!) it'll probably take a full hour to actually explain things to a non-Malay, so I'm not going to try very hard in here. heehee.

The event wasn't bad. And I'm saying that after deducting the fact that we WERE in the bus for 9 hours the previous day. The food was good enough.. and the dessert! wooo! Tau-hu-fa!! (Tofu jelly) That was seriously unconventional.. I mean, nobody had ever served that in a wedding, or if they have, I've never been to them but I was pleasantly surprised that they did! And yeah, I had two servings of them. hahhaha!!

We stayed for over an hour.. and headed back towards the bus and made our way back to "civilization" as Tau had put it. haha! I changed to my shirt and jeans in the bus with my girl cousins stared; wondering how I manage to pull it off without having any bit of my skin showing (practice, darlings.. Practice makes perfect.) They all had to wait for the rest stop to change, as my dad and Tau wondered when and where I did it. muahahaha!! I was amazing, I tell ya'. HAHAHAHAHA!

The journey back was pretty much uneventful. A lot of sleeping and daydreaming. Mostly trying to sleep but ended up daydreaming. heh. But I love that there was Baskin Robbins at one of the rest stops that we went to! heehee.
Dida and Syl updated me on the F1 race and football so I became the announcer on the bus. Not intentionally though..
I had to announce it 'cause the people who wonders about them just happened to be sitting at the front.

We arrived at Cik Halim's (my uncle, Fariza's dad) house around 11pm.. we all got our bags out from the bus, standing around at the front of the house. Kinda reminded me of school trips when everyone waits around for their parents to come pick them up. heehee.
The trip wasn't bad at all.. I think it was almost fun, even! hahha! I mean, I always get enough distraction from getting bored.. texting, phonecalls.. doodling. It's all goooood.

And I'm only able to write/publish all of this today 'cause, people.. I had finally.. completely broke my stupid pc! wooot! I've always wanted to throw my CPU out the window.. maybe now I can.
and ohh!! GLORY GLORY!!! hahhahaha!
Have a good week, everyone.


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