Saturday, May 31, 2008


Long day. Sort of.
Remind me to wash my hair later during the day. Dida called me at the last minute this afternoon, I couldn't bear to keep her waiting just so I could wash my hair. blah.

We went to KLCC to use that rebate-coupon-thingy that we got from Marks & Spencer. Bought Nina some supposedly-maternity clothes, but well.. she doesn't really need "maternity clothes".. We ended up getting her a top that is 2-sizes bigger than her usual size. heh.

Honestly there isn't anything particularly interesting today.
Except maybe the fact that Rai called for the freakin' SECOND TIME in one month!! I swear I almost fainted. BWAHAHAHHAHA!! (an exaggeration of course..)
Dida had noticed a pattern apparently. She didn't have to ask who was it on the phone 'cause I always talk so loud when Rai is on the other end of the line. Nuts. There's always something to shout at him. gaah!

Actually, I get pretty hysterical whenever one of my old school friends calls. I think there's something about the fact that we've known each other for years.. so we know exactly how to make the other tick.. and laugh.
But but.. I must say, that my favourite favourite thing about knowing my friends for as long as I have known them is the fact that I could throw curses at them and they'd know that I don't actually mean them! hahahahha!!

Okay, so June is.. a day away. sigh.
I actually like June. It reminds me of Geminis, and I'm partial towards them (obviously!) But.. it's June... I had spent half a year, doing nothing to achieve my year's resolution -- which sucks.

blah. I keep feeling the need to grow up more and more -- which really sucks!
And I'm nervous. I don't like thinking ahead 'cause they make me nervous. Plans makes me nervous. So now I'm nervous because I'm thinking about my "plans". Oh, and obviously.. I REALLY don't like talking about them because -- they make me nervous! :P


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