Sunday, May 25, 2008

Puzzled puzzle..

mm.. Maybe I shouldn't be thinking of half the things that I think about. They're hardly relevant or significant. Yet another self-inflicted pain.. but since I have a low threshold for pain, instead of picking up a razor blade.. I picked up a random thought and obsess over it. I'm maiming my mind with unnecessary thoughts.

ughh.. Don't ask me what I'm thinking about. My thoughts are SO lame, I feel like the voice of my head is even mumbling to itself. I feel like taking a break but from what, I have no idea.
Okay, I think I'm just freaking out about life in general and I'm freaking out even more for the fact that I can't run away from life. I'm hyperventilating.
Give me a minute.

Okay, I probably should stop thinking altogether and take a breather. My health has been declining for the past two days and I refuse to catch a flu or a fever. eww.
I am now... ignoring my thoughts.
I am.. praying that that would work.

Danity Kane - Damaged


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