Monday, May 05, 2008

Talk dirrty to me, Ana.

Oy, I've never been glad that the weekend is over. yayy!!

Fariza, one of my cousins (err.. FYI, my dad has TEN siblings. I forgot how many cousins I have.. but I'm the tenth eldest) got married this weekend so I've been spending the Friday and Saturday in Bukit Kapar.. doing.. almost nothing. haha! Just showing my face and let the relatives know that I'm still alive really.

So anyway.. Malay weddings.. yada yadaa..
I've never been keen with weddings. Ever since I was little. Maybe it's the weather.. the thought of walking around in the sun, shaking hands with people I barely knew.. plastering a smile on my face to strangers, thanking them for stopping by.. ughh.. I'm not THAT friendly.

Although I did enjoy Nina's wedding. I thought it was the coolest! Plus, I got to invite MY friends! HAHAHAHAHA! But really.. the only wedding I'm looking forward to now is Dida's. It'd be interesting since she said that she wouldn't do anything big. HAH! We'll see how that turns out.. when she gets married.. (who knows when that is!) But soonish, I hope. I know how bothered she is about her age.

I'd wished for something to do on Saturday. Beats sitting around in front of the telly and watch some Hindi film or a Malay drama that was titled "Cinta Sibuta". I mean.. I get it if they wanted something that rhymed for a title, but that was just.. hideous. At one point I was stuck with it while everyone else (my mom, Nina, Dida and Farhana) slept. blah. I hate that I'm pretty much incapable of sleeping in an unfamiliar house.
Oh, but that pic right there was taken by Nina.. once she got up from her nap. heh.

Also, just for the record.. 2 of my cousins are now married.. another one later this year.. then there's Nina.. so.. err.. rank-wise, I should tie the knot in the next 6 weddings..? HA HA HA HA HA!!!
Oh, I probably should post a pic of the married couple yeah? But I DON'T HAVE ANY!! HAHAHHAHAHA!!! Oy, I'm awful..

So anyway, Sunday.. the day that I was looking forward to..
Got to OU around 2.. was walking around, texting.. minding my own business, when someone called my name and it was Dar with Ayin. Thought I had a few minutes to myself, completely caught me off guard. hahaha. (Then I glued my phone to my ear -- so rude, I know -- 'cause I'm pathetic at small talks! gaah!) Not long after that Ablen joined us.. then Ana.. while Bahijah was still sleeping! rawr!
blablabla.. Nothing much happened.. had lunch at Carl's Jr.. Otot came to join us.. Ayin had to leave.. then Bahijah finally arrived.. yada yadaa..

I honestly don't remember much what we talked about throughout the day. But after a while we left our table and went to find one at Nando's because they have some seats outdoors. OUTDOORS!! hahahha! Typically, I whipped out my UNO deck and we all got into some friendly rivalry. ha ha ha ha!
Dar was dethroned off his "UNO God" status -- that was fun.

Then Ana was talking dirty to all of us about the split she made at the bowling alley the last time we were all out together. (Monnnthhss ago!) It was hilarious. My stomach ached from laughing, and Ana almost cried. She was saying how she never knew she could do that big of a split.. how satisfying it was. She had compared it to a person whom haven't had a drink in a while and how relieving it was to quench the thirst. hahahha! ah, the words sounded a little more dirtier in Malay somehow. By the end of it we were all feeling really warm and decided to get inside to the a/c.

Oooh!! How can I forget this.. while we were there.. we bumped into 2 people who were wearing the same shirt as Dar!!! HAHAHAHAHA!!

Anyway, the day had been a lot of fun.
Hope we wouldn't have to wait 'til next year to do it again. (the last time the "original members" -- as Dar had put it, got together was last JUNE!!)

Now that I've written my entry of the weekend.. I can sleep in peace.. (theoretically at least.)


Anonymous said...

huh ?? last JUNE~!! ??? nicee.. hampir satu tahun... LOL~..

Monkey's Bunny said...

lama gile!

Suree said...

Hihihi. I'll talk dirty with you if you do that thing with your hands.. Ahahah NO. Don't ehehe..

It was a day well spent kan with the original members.

Monkey's Bunny said...

oh Ana.. the wonders I can do with my hands. are you sure you don't want me to do anything? AHAHAHAHA!

and yeah.. the day was awesome!

Girl That Jumps said...

ana, u'll talk dirty even without anyone doing anything with their hands.


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