Monday, March 21, 2011


The more I tell people that I'm not from Sarawak, the more I spend my time there. Next month's roster is out (early!) and I'll be spending FOUR nights in Kuching!
For the first time since my conversion, I wasn't rostered to any Airbus flights; unless you count the one I'll be dead-heading to -- Kuching!

Anyway, I am currently inside the commuter train heading to Kina's office. I honestly can't remember when was the last time I had to ride this damn slow train. Let's just say that at this moment I am thankful for my Blackberry. Without it I will just have to entertain myself in some other way.

I could probably dance around in this coach. Listening to The Strokes just makes me want to move somehow. O yeah, I listen to The Strokes. Not exactly a big fan, but Encem is. I suppose if he isn't I would've only known the band's existence but never really listen to them.

So how have I been spending my off days? Err.. I spent the most of yesterday sleeping. Didn't even shower the whole day, it was AWESOME! Hahahaha! But I needed to get some things done so that's why I'm in the commuter right now. But I like mixing business with pleasure, hence; errands with the bank then lunch with Kina! yayy!

Two more stops..
I wish I am confident enough to actually dance around in this coach. Bahahaha! But all I do is tap my foot, and move my head to the beats a bit. hmm.. Not that I care if people think that I'm crazy, but I myself would be pretty annoyed if I see someone jigs around in the small coach.
Oh well.. *moves head with the beats*

Tomorrow Encem will be back from his five days trip! yayyyz! It'll be a full week since we last saw each other.. sigh.
I miss my monkey!

Have a good week everyone!

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Norma Jean said...

have a good week too wanie

Monkey's Bunny said...

thank you :)

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