Thursday, March 31, 2011

Planned shopping.

Okay, I shall warn you that this is a blabla entry.
I feel like I should write it down somewhere but I don't feel like picking up a pen.

So apparently I love to shop. But I wouldn't consider myself as a shopaholic. Mostly because I usually window-shop.. compare prices (because the things I'm usually interested at are pretty expensive!) and only days, weeks, months later will I finally get the things that I've been eyeing on.
The only things that I won't require any thought when buying would be clothes. And bras and panties. hahahaha!

Then of course I usually have my reasons to buy the things that I buy.
For instance; the Starbucks tumbler that I bought a few months back. It was unnecessary.. expensive.. but I thought; I ALWAYS spend my free time at coffee shops.. and if you bring your own tumbler to Starbucks, they will deduct RM2 from the price of your drink!
So come to think of it.. in about sixty more drinks, I will save RM2 on my future drinks! HAH! Eat that!

(Of course, we are assuming that I will always remember to bring my tumbler.. And assuming that I only drink at Starbucks. But the fact is that I mostly hang out at Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf. sigh. I saw a tumbler that I liked there the other day. But I stopped myself from getting it since I already have the one by Starbucks. Plus, CBTL doesn't have that "RM2 off if you bring your own tumbler" thing.)
See, sometimes I make rational decisions.
But I do like that CBTL tumbler..
And my CBTL mug is starting to crack..
Perhaps I should get some mugs instead?

Did you know that I once thought of becoming a barista?
Oh but that would be another story for another day...

Do you know that I'm obsessed with Moleskine products?
Started in 2006 while I was part-timing in Kinokuniya. I worked at the stationeries department and customers; foreign ones, would come to me and ask if we had any "mole skin notebooks". Of course at the time I had never heard of a notebook that was made out of mole skin. Sounded rare and expensive. I mean, who would've thought of using moles' skin?? I wondered how WWF was okay with it.

Then I went to Europe.. went into a bookstore and saw them for the first time;
Aaaaah.. so it's a BRAND after all! Dumdumb! I perused one, and decided to get it -- a Plain Large Hardcover. (Of course I'll get a plain one!) Before I left Europe I bought another for stock.. in case I couldn't find one back home.
Of course, by the next time I went to Kinokuniya it was there.. only instead of being by the stationeries, it was upstairs with the arts and design books! Too classy to be with the Japanese notebooks maybe..? hahaha!
But if you go to Kinokuniya these days, I think you'll find Moleskine notebooks by the gift books. At least that's where I found them the last I was there.
(By the way, I've always LOVED notebooks. I have plenty, and most of them are unused! hahahhaha! Talk about unnecessary. Ana bought me a pretty flowery notebook for my birthday once. And Encem bought me a red Moleskine during the earlier months we're together.)

And now back to the shopping topic.
At present I have SIX Moleskines. Two I got from Europe; the one I got from Rotterdam is absolutely old, stained and almost historical with it's rubber band all loose now. The one from Frankfurt is perfectly wrapped in its plastic with the price tag still attached; €13.99 yikes!
Then there's the red one that I mentioned earlier..
A special edition Discovery Channel 2010 journal that Mama gave me; somebody gave it to her boss which then gave to her and then finally got to me whom she knows LOVES to write/doodle/Moleskine. The journal was Ruled though, but what the heck.. A Moleskine is still a Moleskine!
Then I got the Book Journal from the Passions series (I also got Encem the Music Journal at the same time) which I have been putting aside for a while.
And recently I bought the 2011 Calendar which is to me.. ABSOLUTELY unnecessary but I had to have it anyway! hahahahah! I'm terrible like that.

Then a few days ago Kina asked my opinion on Moleskine prices because she's getting the new Baby Journal. So now, my Travel Journal is also on its way with Kina's new buy from Amazon. aaah..

I know since I got my Maybank debit card, I probably spend a lot more. Previously I wouldn't have any chance to buy things online but now it's just too easy!
So I've been thinking of getting the Moleskine Folio Sketchbook A4 or Watercolor A4. I wanted a photo album but I've never been the straight type of person that believes only photo albums should hold photos. (Just like why most of my notebooks are plain and not ruled. The lines makes me not want to doodle.)

But, I've got these.. images in my head on how I wanted the "album" to look like and for that to happen, I gotta have that Polaroid PoGo that I've been thinking about for MONTHS! I still can't afford it. I mean, I CAN, but I won't be all too giddy if I get it. I would worry too much about my savings instead.
And I want to go on more holidays..
I also want to get a new mattress and a bed.. (which I've been wanting since last year!)
And I should finally get my driving license! (Yes folks, I cannot drive!)
My priorities are all jumbled up now.
I spend about 1k on monthly commitments; that's rent, insurance and school loans for school that I did not finish! Wastage, I tell you.

Let me tell you this, being a crew.. you don't make as much money as you thought it would. Not that I joined to make money, but I'm just saying. Funny that I never thought of money or the "glamour" when I joined. I know some people thought of those when they think about cabin crew. Some even join to meet wealthy men or in hopes of marrying the tech crew! Crazy.

So! Planned shopping..
Before I get any more Moleskine, I better get my camera first. Before that happens, I better feel safe with my current savings. For that to happen, I really shouldn't spend any more money at LaSenza -- I think I have enough bras, panties and jammies at the time being. I also have enough shoes; I've replaced my "night-stop" shoes last month (pumps from Charles and Keith), bought a pair of flip-flops for AU$10 while I was at Surfer's Paradise HRC (which I thought was a bargain!) because I only have one other flip-flops that I had since 2006, and that Puma sneakers that I bought two days ago because I envied Encem for buying one. That was unnecessary. Really unnecessary.
No More Unnecessary Spending!!! RAWRR!
Also, no more bags! (Yes, I also bought a new sling bag two days ago.. after thinking about it for a week. So, no regrets there! But still.. no more bags!) Unless one of my handbags caught on fire in some freakish accident or something. hahahha!

Enough blabla..
I'm too tired of writing this to proof-read it. Sorry if I'd used bad grammar at some point. Or if there are typos. Perhaps I'll proof-read it tomorrow.

By the way, if you've never seen a Moleskine before, head to


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