Friday, March 18, 2011

Subway and Iced Lemon Tea.

Eight hours flight.
Eight hours fifteen last night, though. Headwind probably, I don't know. It was a one heck of a tiring flight. I made a mistake with one of the special-meals, but fortunately my supervisor didn't JUST blame me as the passenger hadn't said anything himself. pshh!!

Idiot guy. He ate his mother's special-meal and wanted to blame me for it. I wouldn't have handed the damn box to him if they hadn't switch seats! Grrr..
Anyway, I'm really glad that my supervisor wasn't angry at me. I've never -- NEVER made a mistake with the special-meals before! So yeah, I was irked by this.

Oh well.. That was yesterday.
I had a good day today. My colleague and I went to the Gold Coast earlier. Took the train, and boy it was a long ride!
I shopped a lot today. I don't know.. There really isn't anything in Australia that you can't find back home (except maybe Woolworths!) but I'm always able to find something to buy over here! ughh!
Monokini.. Dresses.. HRC pin.. (whee!)

I talked to a bunch of strangers today. Pretty odd considering that I am not the kind who usually initiates conversations. There's the woman on the train who was into crystals for meditations..
The Brazilian shopgirl that keeps making me try out some clothes -- that I eventually bought!
And there's Jose.. The Puerto Rican cashier at Surfer's Paradise Hard Rock Cafe. I really liked him. He's really nice to chat with.

My colleague thought that he looked scary; his body was full of tattoos, but really.. He's quite soft spoken, and the things he talked about was just my kind of topics! I kinda hope that there is a way we could stay in touch. I don't know.. Being in this biz, meeting all sorts of people -- and a heck load of them, after a while you acquire a talent of reading people. People that you'll get along with. Even if you only had fifteen minutes to connect.

My colleague reckoned that Jose was interested in me. Well, she was obviously too busy picking out a tee to listen to the things that Jose and I talked about.
I must admit that this must sound odd, but here I am in my hotel room.. thinking about a man I talked to for less than a half hour, and feeling a twinge of regret. I really wish I could talk to him some more. He seems like the kind of man I could have deep conversations with over coffee. If he wasn't attracted to me, I am definitely attracted to him!
In an odd, philosophical sort of way.. I would love nothing more than pick at his brain!

So yeah.. Despite going to Surfer's Paradise, meeting Jose was the highlight of my day. I've always said this, but really.. What makes a place special is really the people. It's just like going on a roadtrip.. You won't remember the long car ride when you are stuck with great friends.

I have 20 dollars left in my purse, and I think I still have some things to get from Woolworths! sigh.. I need to find a cure to my obsession with supermarkets. (I miss Albert Heijn!!)

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