Tuesday, March 08, 2011

On house arrest.

Well, not exactly but something like it.
What else would you call it when you're forced to stay home without your will??

So.. it's the 8th day of the 23rd month I've been with the company. Medical leave: SEVEN.
Okay, I'll stop obsessing about the medical leaves.. We are talking about my health here anyway! pfft. Honestly the itching gets old.. and surprisingly manageable. But the red spots.. Really.. Who would ever love seeing a red-spotted girl serving them food?

Funny though.. Late last month I was yacking about how I wasn't rostered with as many nightstops as the rest of my friends are.. I suppose God works in mysterious ways. hmmph..
Pretty annoying come to think about it.

Moving on, I was stuck in a philosophical limbo the other day..
Being a Sag.. finishing up reading The Zahir and watching The Adjustment Bureau in the same week, just gets me stuck staring into nothing in space.
A bit unfortunate for boyfriend though as he worries that he'd done something wrong -- which he probably did, (haha!) but naah.. I was just typically stuck in a philosophical question on a Monday.

I loved The Adjustment Bureau by the way! It was.. thought provoking.
Ah.. I suppose if you've been following this blog for some time you would've figured out that questions of fate and destinies always runs through my mind.

Oh! About being on house arrest.. I guess I'll just be more inclined to shop online, huh? Bahhahahaha!

By the way, I had a really good read earlier..
Boys.. (especially) READ THIS!
Read it or I'll send my allergies to you.. rawrr!


amyan.ms. said...

oh i LOVE The Adjustment Bureau too! didn't even know what the movie was about masa beli tiket, just picked randomly because the movie was gonna start in 5 minutes and, tadaa, my favourite movie so far this year! :D

Anonymous said...

a girl who reads, not scratch.nice reading.thanks for the sharing

Monkey's Bunny said...

my pleasure

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