Thursday, April 08, 2004

almost crying

JUNE! come on quick!!!
cepat cepaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaatttt!!!
i won't care if none of my friends is around at that time, but me want to see HARRY POTTER!!!!
(i'd really love to see 50 First Dates but lily has already seen it and prisca would probably want to see it with drogo. :-S)
but as i said.. if no one's around by JUNE 4th.. screw them!! ahhahahha!!
JUNE! cepaaaaaaaaaaaaaaattt!!

just saw the trailer (and i did cry watching the teaser a month ago) and i can't help wanting to see it soooo bad!!!
me wanna me wannaaaa!!!
tom felton (draco malfoy) and.. err.. the one that plays ron (can't remember his real name, omg!) have grown some bits.. hehhe! while emma watson and dan radcliffe were seen adoringly good looking! (i do think emma is pretty!)
tapi ape nieeee!! dalam trailer ade hermione pegang tangan ron.. buat ape wehh!! X( (sorry, me like hermione with harry! :)) )
aaah~ me like hermione.. heehee! you should see the trailer!! well, if you read the book, you'll understand lah why i like some parts so much! :D :D
"that felt good"
ohh and there's that part when harry's face was smacked to the window.. heehee! i think it looked extraordinarily/funnily cute! hahhahahahahhahaha!!

and i also spent the night reading to the trascript of rowling's chat on world book day festival, and she's still writing the 6th installment.. *silent scream, still* cepat laaaaaaaaa!!

my voice still won't come out normally. hope it will by friday morning. *sigh*


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