Wednesday, April 07, 2004

"lil' miss happening" and friends

laughing and laughing 'til i get myself hoarse.

omg!! i just realized that i was practically out for whole 11 hours! ekekkeke!!
time just flies when you're surrounded by great company :D *wink*

okay.. i am still having my cough (though proudly i say that i managed to hold it down while i was in the exam hall! :D) and i don't think it's getting better anytime soon.
was fasting with lily today.. and around 5:30 i just decided to tag her along to see her bestfriends, aine and mardiana.. mardeeana? (don't know the right spelling and i'm sure lily will correct me anytime soon :D) if i didn't, well.. it'll be quite a lonely breakfast for me! :-S
so, after picking up aine in PJ, we headed to KLCC and met up with mar/dee ?? (honestly i don't know what to call that girl)
i have to say.. they're quite a different crowd i get with, but it's not bad at all!! menariiik actually. :D and i get to see lily among her old friends. hehhheh! ohh btw, they're LOUD!! did anyone noticed that? ekkekeke! i think if i see them more often, i'd be screaming around just as same.. :))
after having dinner, we got to uncle don's with these guys; azam and amirul tagging along. hehhhehe! me got to meet lots of people lah today! there, we were joined by prisca and drogo (poor rosie couldn't come along from her fever! :-S get well soon, makcikk! :D >:D<) and then there was also palen and hafiz and their friends. got to see the much-talked-about ilsa.. with akmal stopping by to say hi.. blablablaaa.. not so sure if the whole list interests you peeps who's reading this. :D
ended up watching football, arsenal vs. chelsea (or is it the other way round?) and ended up sort-of betting who will win. me, lily and azam said arsenal would win while prisc and aine said chelsea. hehhehe.
well, wasn't able to see the match end but when me, prisc and drogo left, arsenal just scored a goal!! hahhahahaa!
so now i'm back here in my room. wondering how the match ended and how the night has been awesome with my favorite friends. and i am also wondering what sleepyhead has been up to tonight. :-S
(sorry, you're not really a 'sleepyhead' but i assume that you've already slept and i don't know what else i should call you by. :D ngeee)

my voice is sounding kinda funny than the usual.. :))
now that it's almost 5, i might probably spend the whole tomorrow sleeping. :D
no plans for tomorrow, so i probably get on with my last week's to-do's. heehee~
had a great time.. thanks lily! thanks prisc and drogo!! (rosie, GET WELL SOON!!)

supposedly i have something else to say, but i forgot! bluerthhhhh!
so now, i better pee and then get to sleep! :))

rugi takde digicam tonight. :(

ohh remembered!! LP guy isn't working in uncle don's anymore.. :( but it's okaaay.. that abang yang macam azarul tu still ade! me like watching him *hint* (ekekekekkee!!) but he never smiled back.. hummph! ade gurlfren kot! heeheee!


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