Thursday, April 08, 2004

unlucky thursday.

well, not really unlucky.. but i don't know why i am having this HUGE bad feeling that just lingers inside.

friends.. God knows how much i adore themm!
and i guess they saw some else different from the thing i see from where i am currently standing.
thank you for caring.
wish i can say more than that..
*scream* (yeah, i got my voice back in the afternoon)

...honestly i didn't plan on typing this stuff out but current happenings made me...

adohh beratnya rasa di hati.

if i were to ask you;
what are you turning me into??
would there possibly an answer?

*sigh* yeah, i don't think so too..

three songs in two weeks..
Kay Hanley - You Don't See Me
Buckcherry - For The Movies
Sophie Ellis Bextor - I Am Not Good At Not Getting What I Want
thanks hobbitses!
i should consider myself lucky to get this much attention from you three.. and yeah, including drogo! :)

God, how i wish i have someone or at least something human-sized to hug right at this moment.....

went out with rosie, lily and her friends in the afternoon. had food. good.
i should study for tomorrow's final paper. i promised myself that.. but i don't think i am capable of doing much at the moment. sleep.. that's what i should do. logoff my messenger, turnoff my darned phone.. leaving me to clear this much crowded head and heavy heart.

ohh.. the faculty is going to release a new majoring list according to add-drop of subjects.


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