Friday, April 09, 2004

i don't know what to think.

honestly dizzy. thinking too much about sillly things.. like, three suku kata word!
i don't know, knowing that it'll be school break seems to make me VERY restless about SOME things. sorry.

was asleep in the afternoon.. until
lily came to my bed and start singing a song for meeee :x
wanie ta.. wanie ta.. wanie taa..
hahahhaha!! i swear, if i wasn't as sleepy and i had something semi-hard in my hand, i'd throw it at her! hahhahahahhaa!! the song was absolutely a dizzy-maker. i don't think it'd make the top ten list. hehhe!
but it was nice.. the fact that lily reminds me of home 'coz dida would usually wake me up by making up some noisee. heehee..

it had been twice in two days that my life was threatened. lily and ilsa are both HORRIBLE drivers!! they're REALLY horrible!! i've never felt so close to pain before. haiyyooo~ korang ni lain kali tolong bawak keta elok elok sket, okehh! TOLONG! takuuuuttt!!

kak maisarah said something.. scary about an hour ago. and i don't know who's to blame for it to turn that way... i am spooked. i wish i didn't say anything about anyone around this room 'coz this is plaaaain scary for me...

okay.. feeling very dizzy. most probably from the lack of sleep. @_@
plus.. i have a baaad feeling about something so i better leave the desk before it REALLY turns bad.


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